1972 – First Jayashree Product ” Electrodynamic Speed Switch ” was patented. This laid the technological foundation for the proprietary Company ” Jayashree Enterprises ” From this modest beginning sprung up a stream of products at a steady and sustained rate.

1978 – The concept of developing and introducing the Indigenized solutions to the import substitute was the main drive behind every development, the first medium voltage HFSR soft starter was developed in 1978 setting up a benchmark for the products introduced and pioneered by Jayashree Group.

1980 – Range of Belt conveyor safety switches inclusive of Pull Cord, Belt Sway, Roller Limit, De interlocking & Rotary Cam ‘switches’ was introduced in the market. Each product contributing to the reliability & and safety of material handling systems.

1982 – “ Jayashree Electron “ pioneered the development of Proximity Switches in India. The Indian industry got an alternative to costly import of Proximity Sensors. More control products like Electronic Speed Switches, Transducers, Load monitor, and Optical barrier were added eventually.

1990 – Manufacturing of Electronic Soft Starters started with technical know how from M/s. Fairford Electronics, U.K. Ma [who are the pioneers and patent holder in this field], under the roof of Jayashree electron. Thus Jayashree is the only company to ‘Manufacture’ the electronic soft starters in India.

1994 – ” Jayashree Electrodevices Pvt. Ltd. ” took over the manufacturing of Electro Mechanical Products from the proprietary parent company.

1997 – A team of young technicians from JAYASHREE GROUP saw a dream–Indigenous manufacture of world class Incremental Optical Encoders –a high tech product requiring fusion of skills in the fields of Optics, Electronics as well as mechanical engineering! With grit and determination the project became a reality known as “ Jayashree Encoders “ in the year 1997 with excellent technical support from Encoder Products Co. (EPC), USA

2011 – We are a strong and reliable group showing steady growth with 250 staff + workers working in.